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Flexible PVC Hoses
PVC Layflat Hose
PVC Reinforced Hose
PVC Garden Hose
PVC Clear Hose
PVC Air Hose
PVC Gas Hose
PVC Spray Hose
PVC Shower Hose
PVC Twin Welding Hose
SAE 100 R1AT/1SN
SAE 100 R2AT/2SN
SAE 100 R3
SAE 100 R4
SAE 100 R5
SAE 100 R6
SAE 100 R7/R8
SAE 100 R12
SAE 100 R13
SAE 100 R14
SAE 100 R15
SAE 100 R16
SAE 100 R17
DIN EN 857 1SC
DIN EN 857 2SC
DIN EN 856 4SP
DIN EN 856 4SH
Spiral Suction Hoses
PVC Screw Suction Hose
PVC Steel Suction Hose
Helix TPU Suction Hose
Polyurethane Hoses
Spiral PU Hose
PU Hose
Rubber Hoses
Rubber Water Hose
Rubber Air Hose
Fuel Oil Hose
LPG Hose
Oxygen Hose
Acetylene Hose
Twin Welding Hose
Sand Blast Hose
Hydraulic Accessories
Camlock Coupling
Hose Clamp

Company Profile

SUNHOSE is a professional manufacturer and exporter of PVC and Rubber Hose.We provide solutions to individual problems by working closely with our customers.With state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technologies, Sunhose is ready to deliver the "next generation" of hose and tubing to you.
Our customers have praised us for our repeated ability to meet short delivery deadlines with exceptional quality product and competitive pricing. Due to our responsive Customer Service, we have become Five Star suppliers for several customers. Our flexibility to meet exacting customer needs is our strength.


Sunhose® products are also sold in the Pacific Rim, America,Europe,Middle East,Australia and so on, More than 20 countries and regions have good reputation. If we can't make it for you, we'll send you to someone who can. Our customer service is willing to ship anywhere. Give us a email or call, and we'll try to help.


All along, we order to provide more efficient and professional service, We have taken two ways to export our products.One is direct export by ourself,The other way is by export agency. To export it by rich experience and qualifications of the agency responsible for our export business. We will continue to play our R & D and innovation, Sunhose's unique manufacturing capabilities. To provide comprehensive after-sales service. Service is one of our important products. Going forward its business as usual. 
By establishing and maintaining a leading market position, Sunhose will better be able to uphold our ever strong commitments to competitive prices, prompt service, and the highest quality of each and every Sunhose product.

Quality and Statement

Through innovation and continuous improvement,  Sunhose® will meet or exceed customer expectations and shareholder investment objectives. Sunhose through effective systems, product knowledge and dedication to service excellence, To provide our customers with a wide range of Quality Products.
Sunhose® will operate on the principles of integrity, loyalty and fairness towards employees, customers and the environments where its affairs are conducted. When you select the  Sunhose team as a supplier, you are assured of innovative products backed with outstanding service and support.

Facility of Sunhose China
facility of pvc suction hose
facility of PVC hose
facility of pvc lay flat hose
facility of Clear Reinforced PVC Hose
facility of pvc lay flat hose
facility of Clear Reinforced PVC Hose
facility of pvc lay flat hose
facility of Clear Reinforced PVC Hose

Industrial PVC Hoses
Sunhose Company is a manufacturer of flexible pvc hose assemblies.
Industrial PVC Hoses
We provide a full range of industrial hose fabrication services, including PVC and Rubber hoses, and assemblies
Sunhose News
May 7
Facing the global down turn, Sunhose implemented the necessary reallocation of resources to countries with high growth potential.
July 25
Sunhose company name changed. Instead of "Sunhose Plastic & Rubber Company Ltd."
January 20
Diversification helps Sunhose Enterprises withstand the recession, thrive.
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Industrial Rubber Hoses
Industrial Rubber Hoses


Sunhose tried to solve the customer's overall needs, to broaden the product range, improve service quality.

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